Does Cymbalta Cause Weight Gain Like Lyrica

•completion of the first stage of labour and the causes of dys-

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duces, when taken in sufficient quantity, a light and refresh-

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ment of the cases, and that arrangements are made for pre-

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of ophthalmia, sometimes followed by keratitis, hypopyon,

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condition under discussion, I would briefly point out that

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any notice. In this instance, however, although the evidence

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counted ; of the remainder, twelve had to he sent on sick leave at dif-

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The annual dinner of the German Hospital was held on

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a case of intussusception in a child G months of age, and had

does cymbalta cause weight gain like lyrica

permit tracheotomy. The urine on March 23rd contained

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Translation into hieroglyphs, phonetics, and English of part of the British Museum Medical Papyrus, as rendered by Dr. Birch from.the

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to the institute, in a cab, without giving any notice to the driver, or tak-

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Well, all that we can say about this matter is that, for any-

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mens, should be sent at an early date to Joseph Griffiths, Honorary

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Edinburgh ; Mr. W. C. Barnish, Wigan ; Mr. A. H. Beale, London ; Mr.

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magistrates, but was subsequently discharged, and that in

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formed of the composition of tkem. Mv. Hart did not

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may perhaps justify us in anticipating that future discoveries

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Allowing the sum of £8 10s. in respect of each attack among

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ing them. Hitherto, however, no attention has been directed

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of those savings should be appropriated for the payment of

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ask what fee you think should be charged to an East-ender

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condensing their communications to the utmost extent.

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soft parts were divided with a scalpel in the usual manner,

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healthy coils. I have seen the same sloughing of the skin

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the lirst, together \vith tlie motor division of the tifth und the seventti

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abdominal cavity. It was not determined wliether there was

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some of these cases treatment by electrolysis was useful, and

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Skin, W,. 1.45, S.. 9.15;, M. Th., 9; Dental, W., 9.30;

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Southam makes some valuable remarks on the treatment of

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Meteorology of Cholera. — Dr. Collis-Babrt read a paper on

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as the pus has flowed away, and on sliding the trocar over the

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the rise of temperature to the loss of blood, it was necessary

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appointment. As far as my knowledge goes, attempts of thei

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mate was affected in the same way. All had violent and dis-

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Room of the hospital, and will be open immediately after the

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