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arm, and along the forehead as small red spots. From

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28 'The Wldal Reaction In Typhoid Fever. George B. Shattuek.

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the gut to which it is attached. The whale has a cecym

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thirty minutes after lying down he was sound asleep and I

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empty. The pylorus was thickened and firmer than natural

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method than that of operative fixation of the organ.

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elasticity of the skull as a whole, compression of one side

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cases, and joint symptoms were difficult to make out.

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Fbaenkel. — After a traumati-om in the vicinity of PoupartV

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the conclusion that our work should be limited to the

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end — 2 cm. Ko organism was discovered in the fluid. The

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the flaps for the purpose of its removal. In addition to

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to the later stages. He regards iodoform as the best agent of

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cumbed. A similar experience in another family has con-

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moplegia. It also explains why this anomaly has passed un-

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cially by the nse of the gyromele : "Such methods are applicable

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in chronic pleurisy and empyema,, chronic bronchitis,

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ty gave its annual banquet May 28. An elaborate program

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hotels or to Arthur Sweeney, M.D., Chairman Committee on

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copal Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, it was with the

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130. Mampiary Carcinoma. — Assuming that carcinoma is

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great diagnostic value in cases simulating pneumonia and men-

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red blood and epithelial cells and a considerable amount

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gurant pains of tabes, by spinal cocainization, suggested to

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the particular sectarianism of the last century, there is

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covered by a sponge, lamb's wool or cotton. The sound

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rarely found them present. The dichotomizing threads

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cal operation. We must disclaim the possibility of making

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6. Total Extirpation of Thyroid Gland. 6. F. Cott, Buffalo.

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thought to be one of encysted vesical calculus. The bladder

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usually picturesque because of a considerable difference

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a more or less continued membership in the legislative

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