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is that of acute peritonitis, followed very soon by a

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being tied, a piece of omentum was placed over the suture line,

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pains became very weak, making it very tedious and discouraging

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voices ! that join all cheerily with myriad others to declare that u united

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large — 7.358 inches on 15 days. In 1875, also, 7.049 inches fell

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Charts 3, 4, 14, 17 and 28 illustrate the condition very well.

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nature as not to admit of removal ; and, therefore, it is diffi-

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and public decency, and at the request of many persons, we denounce to the

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by variously shaped extremities, which could be borne

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to some other rectal affection, as fissure of the anus; it may, however, occur as

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in operation for a long time. The development of the rival

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has been protected from the contaminating influence of flies, but all forms of uh-

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Pain is the chief symptom, even from the onset. It soon becomes

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apparent success, and without any untoward consequences. Revulsive

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founded a new department of science, we may, with advantage, in a

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studied in many of the more recent cases of this series,

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scarlatina in every step of its progress as diagnostic; but Barthez and

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Occasionally it presents a soft reverberating or trembling noise, like the

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should be meted to it, and to its past and present officers, lead me to ask for an

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work of Dale and Walpole on blood-clotting, and to that of Xeuberg

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to the seat of the matter. The surgeon felt authorized

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boiled eggs, or only Stokes^s mixture, while in the other series full diet

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improved. The more their students practised palpation and

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half dilated, but on the contrary, generally discover it in the first? AYhereas, in

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the cathartic has ceased, will have the effect of supply-

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