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The Principles and Practice of Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery. By T.
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otherwise there is danger of sepsis. Second, because of
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used as a paint, over enlarged glands, &c. ; it may be applied for a long
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soon found to be erroneous. From experiments, by Vtrchow^ Lewih-
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cially the exanthemata, were confounded with it. In spite of similar
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symptoms may closely resemble other forms of obstruction.
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tumour pressing downwards on the perinasum, and tilt-
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Hospital and Wesley Hospital, Chicago; Uncomplicated Pregnancy and Labor, Pre-
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brings to this grandest scenic attraction, it is high time for the
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Where the ethereal sulphates are in excess it is difficult
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most useful green of warm hue. The colors and tones may be varied
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had imbedded itself in the bone on the opposite side.
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tinuously and regularly from the date of its incor-
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cians and Surgeons took place on the evening of the 14th of March.
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the recent epidemic had all but ceased, an outbreak suddenly
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it be supposed, from what has been described of the mode in which these
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ber 29, the inoculated rabbits both presented tubercles beneath the pleura: the
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surf-bathing, while the cafions of the Santa-Ynez range
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maculated, not a papular, eruption. The spots become of a dull, dingy
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produces a semi-purulent secretion, which dries into scabs like those of
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rated themselves on a standard four-point health status scale.
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in advance should be made by the enactment of a law to the effect that
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dified or counteracted by a new series of causes, which elude our observa-

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