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Calomel hijections. — Scarenzio " treated three cases of lupus

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Taking this view of the etiology of this disease, it follows that in its

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certain foreign countries for recent years and periods of years :

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defective the post-graduate school is available, and a month or two

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was noticed, which gradually enlarged until it reached from

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in Europe, the statistics had been taken from children's

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in all cases examined and was very advanced in some of them.

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the homicidal wild beasts that infect that country is

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we have ventured to point out. Even the most bigoted old

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arachnoid and pia mater, but more frequently the three layers

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by careful examination, diminished current of air through one

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vous system, and in such instances some substitute for it may be used,

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morning, without having any breakfast. This I supply in the form

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in the regular ranks, if treated wisely and tolerantly.

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plicable. Visits to the homes and boarding places (the latter

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usually not to be diagnosed, develops first. The intensity of the lesions

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Case II : Left antral suppuration. — A married lady, aged about 32 ;

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ficient to change at a time. It appears to thrive in proportion

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On one hand we have the researclies of Chittenden ^ and Liebreich -

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the vomiting of much more fluid in a given time than

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on the extremity of amputated stumps. One case was that of a man who had had

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indurated vessels which enter their deeper seated parts.

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cerebral arteries were distinctly atheromatous. This case, it will be

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deviation of the head and eyes to the side of the lesion always occurs.

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epitheliomatous growths have been found in the vagina, lungs, liver, and

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muscular aponeurosis of the affected parts, are found hard,

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