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when it was again sixty minutes. Since about three days is generally

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systolic blood pressure was 130, the diastolic 80. There were forcible arterial

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In every group except Group I the ratio of adult women with

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of such an extensive epidemic of pellagra in a well-sewered institution

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which may closely simulate endocardial murmurs. Pericarditis

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tive tissue as more effective than the introduction of small trocars.

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nitrogen), a solution of ammonium chlorid (1 c.c. contained 0.990

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In a case of Dr. Ormerod's, a man aged twenty-eight, a systolic

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It was impossible to get the history of this family on the paternal side. The

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within the aorta by even a slight muscular effort would determine

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A girl at the age of nine noticed for the first time that she was

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titrations were performed, using alizarin monosulphate as an indicator.

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Plasma was obtained from the hemophilic blood without adding any

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/< » r £ - 7 j. ?J C - C J* Oit-ir*t.if */rO OH trie-. Srnc/>H*u ru/iv

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aurium and auditory vertigo (PL II., Figs. 3 and 4), and have known

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shows the same depression as is present in the auriculoventricular

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cent, for female and male whites, respectively. This close agreement

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the T wave when digitalis is administered, as pointed out by Cohn,

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ease. The immediate result of the disturbance of the nervous equi-

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this augmented effect in these two conditions i-- due to its action on

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must be based on erroneous observation. These new investigations are

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of the liver is felt on a line with the umbilicus. The disturbance

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sources of intoxication, the fibrillation ceased ; and yet on account of

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independently of temperature. Pointing out one instance will suffice.

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that there is a communication between the aorta and the superior

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rainers, for example, standing very Avell in this as in most other respects,

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exercise taken, the amount of water drunk or the amount or kind of

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this will occur, depends in some degree upon the size of the veins

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To the analogy that has been drawn between the symptoms

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duction of the present methods of treatment. Formerly a certain

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