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patient was sent into St. Thomas's Hospital March 27th,
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M .\ , B Sc, J. B. Stewart, J. F. Strickland, H. T. Thacker, J. T.
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Mr. G. \. H. Barton, Stonehouse ; Dr. J. J. E. Bayer, Calais; Mr. A. A.
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moderate statement was prepared and submitted to the Chief '
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rather forcible massage with the thumb, these set up an in-
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ease and persistent jaundice, it is a procedure attended with
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titioners to adopt in Scotland — and the only prudent course in
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found her linen stained with blood, so sent at once for assistance Before
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OS internum by the uterine retraction connected with the
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Anderson complains that the work is steadily increasing,
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of the existence of poisonous plants ; and by the latter the c.ise
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paralytic regains the use of his limbs ; the blind recover
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However, this district is a large one, and it very much depends to
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the symptoms up to date— ten months after the operation.
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Police. The first cases were on March 13th, and there have
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make it the duty of a health officer to verify the diagnosis, he seems to
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death certificates should, like vaccination papers, be sent to
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tion of his investigations in a way and with an efficiency
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seems clear, however, from the reports before us, that the
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of the District, will take the chair. A paper will be read by Mr. C. B.
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cipal zymotic diseases, against 408 and Hi in the preceding two-
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special commissioners to hold local inquiries in these cases.
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he knew at once that all was clear, and told him that there
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W.C.— House-Surgeon. Applications to the Secretary by June 6th.
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Arrol, Sheemess ; Mr. J. Ashton, Chadwell Heath ; Dr. F. H. Alderson,

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