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increased size of the heart to diminish, and all the disagreeable

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supplied the information as to the method by which the Filaria escapes from

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wound was closed with silkworm gut and may call for a hysterectomy (usually vagi-

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Case 6. — C— -, girl aged five years and ten months, sickened with se-

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purely surgical, has been a source of surprise and delight to those

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was brought to the hospital, was able to converse on his condition, and lived

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easy to see that, if the abdominal incision is made

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was at once apparent. Closer examination showed that two coils

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knows that wrangling is useless. If anybody has anything to propose that is apropos to the

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galvanometer. With this apparatus Melloni was able to

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chill and high fever, in which 25 gram.mes were taken within 24 hours. The

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demic. " Et tempore frigidiori et calidiori, et flante tarn Austro

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never produces black tarry stools, such as are seen in cases of

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although from watching the other cases the author doubted

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found fully described by Mr. Butcher in his work on Operative

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" After a few minutes the frog is able to crawl, but does not

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differently from that on the sound side. This settles

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the prevention of sickness, the quarantine of contagious diseases, the

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the critics of scientific progress, and although he spoke with

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to him ; but the ability to do this is the result of several

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placed rather low, and dilated to about the size of a shilling, but it was very

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assuredly be remarkable that the conduction should vary from 0.17, a

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