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the closed perforation, the sutures entering the pyloric
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^Leishman, Major W.B.,R. A.M. C, British Medical Journal, September 21.
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studied. The assumption that the latter was a chemical poison was soon
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est trace of hurry or evidence of fatigue on the part of the
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beginning of the meal and again at the end. In such circumstances the
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brandy, etc. On November 3, or the fifteenth day, there was
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weakness shown by so many patients, and followed in
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revolution of the way in which these things are looked at in this country.
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we not have heard a great outciy against the innovation? Sa} T s the
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ment of sterility due to disease of the endometrium associated with anteflex-
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which had already ceased to exist at the time of Hippocrates,
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vaccination. He had no objection to refer the Bill to a Select
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oxygen to 9.8 per cent. This is an average fall of 62.2 mm. for 20,000
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loaded colon. This is also the point of all others where the ves-
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gone to Fairfield, fifty miles in the interior, to attcLd to some business, per-
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ployed their knowledge of the language in translating all
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good time was had. Much of the social success of the meeting was due to
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last, but bj no means least, he goes into the opera-
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in the discharge of their duty, viz., Surgeons M. Gaisford,
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bolism of the abdominal vessels. ISTo mention, however, is made of
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small for us to place much dependance on any reasoning
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cycle of schizogony, consequently they cause fever every twenty-
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it is not a dangerous one. . . . Do not, therefore,
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the head and eyes were turned to the left, and as the fits spread to the left side
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however, tell anything about its stnicturp. m m i>o«-
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ovary, and other organs. Nevertheless, in many cases the morbid pro-
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lactic management of disease, even dependent upon that
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be due to a lowering of functional activity in a more or less distant part <i
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the sacrum remained normal, but a diminution in the vibration
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among the out-patients, and I. have usually succeeded in introducing
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longed nausea; pain in the head persistent with exacerbations which began in the
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suit, alone will justify this position when the vasomotor system is affected.
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obliged to say, an inferior class. Much of it is of purely personal
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commenced, but resulted in no choice. A second ballot was taken ;
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feelings may be occasionally experienced without any intermission taking
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virtue. Northern sentimentalists nave declared that
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"II. Cic. of 3 rec. ver. crossing 3rd joint, mid. fgr.
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two upper stories, even in the present era of unsafe and parsimonious build-
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ful tonic influence over nutrition has been noticed by
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quotes Pirogoff, who decidedly objects to such attempts being

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