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deaths have taken place, which would not have been the

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grape. The same name has heen given to the fermented juice of various

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I In the latter condition, it should not lose more than from one-tenth to

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the cold north corrects, by means of his native berries, the

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The results presented in Table VII summarize the mortality

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action. Thus, tartar emetic is stimulant to the skin or mucous coat of

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juice from the surface as it exudes ; the leaves being employed to shelter

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The great point w^lt be to guard against the discoloration of the skin.

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, and KlenttL It is esipl^Teid ildo in «j»€icru«i/(ncMa aaacfoaiom.

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ing oease. One evidence of impror^^ment is tbe disappeajatnoe of the

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another origin, in which this property may be wanting, and which may

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mentioned will be sufficiently described among the preparations of

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■uller. dryer, and harder stools, which are apt to follow. If carried

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easy of digestion. Peaches contain, besides acid, mucilage

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fullest meal. The singularity of this opinion disappears,

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others no clot could be anywhere discovered. Congestion of the brain

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steadily to convalescence. I usually direct from four to eight fiuidounees

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The problems of disease are more complicated and Uncertain-

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drops, which may be given in half a tumblerful of sweetened water, and

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W^e have the very highest authority for the state- Poetry—

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csmi oimtMCBK to li&tcffcd soHares : b«t it wa« iist srstcoulwd bj

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have not yet been snficiently numeroos and varkd to supply this defi-

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in the preceding general remarks. General pa lay too often fails to yield

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dure, or she has taught them instinctively to seek protection

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all beliefs and concepts was the first essential of

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be mflsenoed in relation to it more by his general principles than bj any

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country, and after the rain has poured down for some hours

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an agar slant culture of SR-U which had been stored at 5° C for a

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ptthological lesion in those affections. The corpuscles are not essentially

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casional intermissions ; and, about the period of the expected paroxysms,

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