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sublimate solution (1-2000) a soft bandage was applied so as

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erection or turgescency, in order to make the small absorbents

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ous dilatation, but though it rendered laryngeal respiration

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Having accumulated all this material the Committee came

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sion; suicidal tendencies may be present and protective

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buffalo calf, about 200 grammes of final product. I found that with care

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make this forthcoming Directory the most complete and

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cluded them spherical, if they be really flat. But however that

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use of, I was enabled to exclude valvular disease of the heart

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commonly believed to be (xcix) ; but, on the contrary, are

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Again in May I removed several small fragments of growth

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activity which was felt to be normal or blood pool artifact.

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anaesthetizes them, a strong purge is necessary to expel the parasites.

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from aching pains all down her left leg, which also had a

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or single on the basis of a consent form signed by the patient

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attacks of morning vomiting, which came on directly he got

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fore part, where it joins a deep-seated one that had accompanied

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has traditionally held its Annual Meeting in Atlantic City;

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On November 28 the urine contained a faint trace of

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acute and fatal suppurative pleurisies were encountered. Strikingly

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that it will recur before long in a more decided malignant

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ling resulted in a large abscess, which eight months later was

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employed by nature in the formation of the red vesicle ; it re-

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rhythmia continued to be skeptical about its authenticity. 1113

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Vide annual reports of the several hospitals. For fur-

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