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the auscultation points for the auriculoventricular valves. The second

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dwellings, hopes to be able to give general satisfaction,

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up the subject since, and discussed it in the press and in

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in the weekly periodicals, of death by mistaking one plant

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placed that flourishing social institution beyond risk of anxiety

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title, read in ab.'itract at the preceding meeting [see page 1], was

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chloride of ammonium — indeed, it is in itself the

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constitutes a fatal obstruction. Many symptoms are laid down

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inch long, 3^ inch broad, and pedunculated. It contains a small bony

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conditions of the circulation (increased tension, vaso-

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of ever attaining a complete yet simple classification, it may yet be

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being extremely fine, the latter much thicker, but few

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Seventeenth Annual Report of the Indiana Hospital for the Insane, for the

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result from loss of sleep and uncontrollable vomiting.

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attrition- sound by the circulating blood. But the instrumental

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attend the banquet, addressed an affectionate letter to the

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to the head, it occurred to me that a morbid state of the meninges under the

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Typically the injection is followed in from one-half to four hours by a

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of his previous ones, not true M^ni^res disease, but

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British Association, which opened at Bradford, York-

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bones, and surrounds the joint. I am inclined to think it is sarcomatous,

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visible. Muscular fibres larger than normal are seldom found after death,

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Eechercbes ult6rieures sur la malaria. [Transl. from :

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Wasserburg, 84 per cent. ; in the separate cell prison at Freiburg, 30 per

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angle, next the axillary border, and finally the upper, securing

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Case 4 of the same group I think the want of the retinal

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or approve, as future knowledge, framed and squared and

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