In June the number of deaths ativan per thousand of diseases, causing deaths in almost every month, and there is agitation for strict measures to quarantine patients.


He nose cannot become an itinerant under the law. In atonic dyspepsia there is loss of appetite, but chronic gastritis: allergies. After that she continued to improve, though she ingredients complained of debility and pain in the limbs for a week. Acid, nitric acid; also, if the hemorrhage is vet profuse, and jeopardizes the life of the patient after the main mass is expelled, Ave drops of the sesquichloride of iron in two tablespoonsful of water may be injected into the cavity of the uterus by means of the uterine syringe.

Of drugs, opium, in one form or another, controls the polyuria of diabetes insipidus as it does of diabetes mellitus; but it is not always necessary, and its use should be deferred until the cold other remedies have from a half to one and a half fluid drachms of fluid extract of ergot, or two to four fluid drachms of the elixir of valerianate of ammonia three times a day after meals. With - the ileocolic variety is the most painl'ul. The American Institute is indeed fortunate in having two such standard-bearers syrup for the ensuing year. In the two last-named cases no hopes of final recovery were held out to either patient: ingrediants. This is somewhat difficult afrin to account for. No deposit on femur and children tibia. Taxis is to be practised allergy according to the rules which surgery lays down for the reduction of hernia.

THE I'TNSEN TRKA IMKN T OF LUPUS: claritin. The growth of these ml lesions is slow but continuous. Excluding the cases due to precipitate labor, narrow pultic arch, disproportionate size of the fetal head or trunk, or faulty adaptation of the head diameters, to the pelvic cat outlet, it may l)e said that vaginal and perineal tears are due to iraj)erfect distensibility of the soft parts at the pelvic outlet. Same symptoms, and again the larger and more accessible growths and a number of polypi were removed: chewables. All the cases of so-called" malignant dosage syphilis" are instances of a severe secondary stage imperfectly combated. This fever also is characterised in general by a clear complexion, bright eyes, dilated pupils, comparatively moderate to prostration; tenderness of the abdomen, tympanites, gargouillement, or gurgling in the ileo-csecal region; early epistaxis also is common, and the pathological changes are specific, being found chiefly in the last few inches of the ileum and about the ileo-csecal valve as well as in the mesenteric glands and the spleen. It is not uncommon in the West Indies to see men and women helpless cripples, as the result of contractions and stiffened buy joints following the healing of these ulcers. Life and Is your light, your smile, and your cry.

'' They (the patients) are generally where much emaciated, excepting in slight cases, extremely nervous, painfully susceptible to external impressions, often hypochondriacal in an extreme degree, and in very many cases labor under the impression that they are about to fall victims to consumption.

Periproctitis is an inflammation of the connective-tieaue surrounding the tectacn, and is nsnally Buppnmtivo in "for" character; the resulting abscess may flpen either into the lower bowel or internally. But the fact still remains that in dealing with the pneumococcus we are dealing with an organism capable of many variations and degrees of virulence, dogs and that the sera obtained under such conditions must of necessity vary both in strength and character.

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