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pression exercised upon the hepatic ducts interferes with the discharge

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cells cling to the endothelial layer of the veins in an inflamed area.

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greatest privileges of my life to have had the opportunity to serve in

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and that of Fred J *s, which he always served sepa-

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,\e heard "1 liini \.i> hi- lei; hail ii.nipleteK reeovered -nun after

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them is. perhaps, the supposed difficulty of diagnosing the disease at

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stored the uterus to position, and put in place a Thomas

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new ; it at least presents us in a very different and, perhaps, more

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temporary. Others are cored by having coitus forbidden. The non*

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Syphilitic Diseases of Nervous System. Z. CHAKCOT, BOUCHARD, BHJSSAUD. TraiU de

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in each : and in this way a circumference is formed, similar to that which is made

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consider the case one of plague, though it is desirable, whenever

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overcrowded tenements " drifted into them after, and, perhaps, because

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there has come in several cases, periods of profound depression

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nance and the complete relaxation of the whole mus-

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particularly in the gray matter and about the central canal ;

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sonal cleanliness, or whether it arises iis a natural

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gitis." The collateral circulation is thus explained : " The

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the labium. The patient's father had had a true renal colic


* '• Hookworm Disease," Dock and Bass, pp. 175, 176.

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because Janie’s group is backed up by the expertise of 80 other C.L. Frates profes-

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pump may produce traumatism of the breast, which, as we

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\'irus selected with care from particularly well-developed vesicles and of

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Newcastle-on-'fyne 21.7, Nottingham 17.5, Portsmouth 15.6.

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thing was coming to an end ; I felt I could not leave the city, and

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those knobs or elevations that answer the uses of feet in the earth-worm.

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use them alternately. If, however, the baby does not get enough from

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66. — AVinkler (C.) Zeldzarae gevallen van epilepsie;

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