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There was a form of arterial disease, not dependent
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III. A course in the pathology and bacteriology of the
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still fails, necrose and rupture with ensuing peritonitis.
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tained, the patient will invariably recover, and the worst that can
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Fracture. Report of live cases of fracture of the hip in children, Chase,
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and make a thumb or finger movement at the same instant, the shifting of attention is
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pelvic structures. Special attention is given to the examina-
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ber of erythrocytes per unit volume of blood. — Journal of Phar-
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study of tuberculosis. In this building rooms are arranged for the
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family in a refined home with cheerful and sunny surroundings can be accom-
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little to what has already been described for the cerebral cortex
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Karl M. Wilson, M. D., Associate in Clinical Obstetrics.
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practical disinfection required a rapid discharge of
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spending some eight or ten thousand dollars in the way of improve-
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March 10, 1905. A fainting attack followed a bath, but from
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Harvey B. Stone, M. D., Instructor in Clinical Surgery.
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errors in technique, still more often produced only
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vous System, and Special Senses — 1917. Dr. Howell and
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One measure of dry lactose in a 20-ounce mixture gives 2.00 per cent of suear.
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day during the first and second trimesters, Professor Barker
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lence preceding and following the sleeping state and the memory
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mankind have been inaugurated under the leadership of genius
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but consists largely of the author's experience in this line of work. He has
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ple, big and little. That is to say, in 1941 there will be 12.000,000
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Troublesome erythemas are often a condition we must contend
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In the surgical trimester, the student gives three hours
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anything more than a general weakness combined with what
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For convenience of reference the treatise has been divided into
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foregoing article), is not connected in any Wav with the transmis-
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years. This treatment has an advantage over the X-ray in that
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Case II. Progressive (central) muscular atrophy (Vulpian-
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Decompression under local anesthesia. — Annals of Surgery, De-
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my advice ? Take long walks every day, several times a day, and
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The selection is made as follows: (1) Not later than
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for him the highest esteem, confidence and respect of his colleagues, and
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lamp at that time, and it was found to be far too inadequate. She
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Isaac R. Pels, M. D., Assistant in Clinical Dermatology.
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February number, about one hundred representative county and
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A scientific combination of three of the more recently
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well. She had been married but never had children and no

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