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given him some trouble, he has had numerous attacks
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the patient suffering from severe delirium, which may become quite violent ;
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over a stair-case, en a level of 130 feet above the sea. The plu-
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presence of the bacillus in the blood indicates its power to invade or pass
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25. Fracture of Bones of Leg, Cases of Shown by Mr J. W.
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Dr. M. J. Oertel, of Munich, is the author of the section on
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Intestines. — The intestinal features may vary greatly from year to
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at the apex. The cardiosphygmographic tracings showed a regular auric-
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does not seem to give rise to greater mortality than it does in temperate
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that the true corpus luteum was a sure evidence of a preexisting pregnancy.
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to attend the clinics not more than once a week since. At the present
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anesthetic with the patient in that position, and the patient promptly
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under constant surveillance, and whenever pulsation
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sulting Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary and Examiner in
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hydrochloric acid (1^^10-15). Sometimes phosphate of soda,
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of diphtheria, by its depressing influence, evidently
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comminuted fracture of leg 27 days before ; exhaustive sup-
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rise to capillary embolisms, infarctus, and events which belong to the his-
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food through the narrow neck of the hour-glass over the surface
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when pressed against each surface of the lens in turn, tells the dioptric
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children live, sometimes the effect of long continued
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evidently his zeal should not lead him to withhold alcohol
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parts of the capsules. No true rotation is allowed."
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4. Electricity in the Treatment of Diseases of the Stomach. E. G. Mar-
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pital, during six years. Mr. Callaway classes them after the usual manner :
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one fraud choked another, one superstition shames another, until the whole
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tions can be, to some extent, remedied by local cooling of the skin
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large woman, weighing, I should think, two hundred and twenty pounds; her face
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cartilaginous substance, about three-fourths of an inch in thickness.
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the occurrence of periodic attacks of colicky pain at the time of
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ploy the buttoned scissors, in all cases of cataract,
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