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7. — See Philadelphia Medical Journal, Vol. Ill, p. 1333.
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infiltration occurs to a less extent in children. Of eighteen cases, included
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found necessary to use both these temperatures if an accurate idea is to be
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developed or are more noticeable in one general direction.
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merous, comparatively few pus-cells, but many large,
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and face in the living man. The resHme of cranio-C( r-
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The smallest quantity was seven scruples of the sulphuret, with one hundred
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take, that wcappoint a committee to consider Mr. Walpole's
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with a cold sweat ; the eyes half open and glassy, the pulse
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atrophy of the muscles ; and the functions of the rectum, bladder, and
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Temperature chart of a case of pneumonia following influenza (Fig. 1) . . 91
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Eight months afterward no fresh spots had appeared,
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Upham. The papers were discussed by E. A. Hamilton, A. Tim-
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sary aid ; and by it we can gain not only a knowledge
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be gone. I again practised artificial respiration, but this
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To establish sufficient home control to insure good food and health habits.
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Up to the present time this criticism of Sir Francis Bacon holds
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has been cured by living out on the plains for some months ; but on these
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superior meatus, the latter into the spheno-ethmoidal recess. This recess
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accuracy and precision are then possible, and the marvellous
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necessary appendages of the sick room. In fine, this article makes paps,
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burets of hydrogen. The decomposition of animal matter gives rise to an ex-
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are less likely than successful ones to find their way into
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The instruments I use are a Cook's speculum, Mathews' pile-for-
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lack of attempt at palliation by the usual methods be-
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extent of the intestine of its blood-supply, and so led to gangrene or
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ures in the gonorrhoeal affection which serve not only to distinguish
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visible capillaries are then painted with a solution of carbolic acid in
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ployed for ascertaining the direct influence of quinine on oxida-
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our first position, it can easily be understood, that the persons
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a stable equilibriiun produced, is a matter of great theoretical
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accounts on the uniform system agreed upon were ineligible. One general
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rinsing, which removes soluble and loosely adherent par-
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Some Unusual Forms of Dermatitis Venenata. — Dr James
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I told you that the chest-walls must j wide upper intercostal space next sternum,

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