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Lkland Stanford Junior University— Department of Med-
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their former calibre or until their contraction is interrupted by the
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no new energy or inherent strength, are called stimulants. They
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the area of loss of protopathic sensibility may almost equal in extent
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Griffith, J. P. Crozer : The care of the baby, 768.
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Phthisie Tracheale. This writer, bringing together the most
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dilated sigmoid flexure which was somewhat tender on pres-
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consists in the use of both general and local remedies. The
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stipated, pale, formed, and dry, the infant is being overfed, and a
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Six weeks after the accident he was able to get about on
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work, and in one year one million of souls could be removed; and in
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to 10 students. Sec. c, W., S., 9:00-11:00, Central Free Dispensary. Limited to 4
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by this thinning of the central portion and consequent thickening of
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with such a tube all our best work is done. With the extreme
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be granted the conjoint diplomas of the Scotch and Irish Boards,
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judge observed, the charge having been made and persisted in
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against twelve seconds from an arc light. This shows the
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larynx by a diphtheric inflammation accompanying scarla-
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'^jlnuM^lo' ■^^'^'"' ^■^■' "^ ^*""'"S Street, Liverpool, aged 68, on
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taking the milk in quantities of one-half liter at a time the milk of
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definition of the form (dilution, &c.) in which the poison has been
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shows the typical reaction of degeneration. It is probable thai
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serous membranes, the brain and the retina (Friedlander), the skin (Biesia-

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