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s])ontaneous evolutior , helping the latter with means
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extending over the dorsal surfaces of the wrists. Almost simultaneously a measles-
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M.vrTHE\VS, Surgeons' Instrument Maker to King's College Hos-
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I have received from her since she sent me forth from her lap
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"The Medical Alliance of America (Limited), of which notice
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cyst wall was smooth, red and thick, closely resembling a
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that after marked signs and symptoms, including urticaria, had
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of these cases, I shall briefly describe two cases I have treated :
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In October I noted that there was more swelling over the left
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In test-tube 1 9.95 cc. 0.3 per cent. HC1 + 0.05 cc. gastric juice
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the recommendations therein embodied were adopted for the
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field-laboiers, and particularly among seafeuring persons, the exposed
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might be included in the M.B., but was it worth three
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were the cause of remarkably few deaths, as also phthisis, 3*9 per cent,
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The 1st, 11th, and 12th have each a complete mark or fossa for
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After the splint has been applied it should be removed only
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but whenever the paraplegia is complete it almost always becomes paralysed.
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rable in the life of our poet The first of these events is the
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their arrangements. Sometimes they form a network — indeed
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be evidence of retention on the diseased side, as shown by increase in the
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infiltration of the cardiac muscles, which sometimes arises in endocar-
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Sympathetic Ophthalmitis; (2) The Visual Tests employed in
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tient should Ue down with the knee slightly bent. At
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adenoids will not be followed by great success, unless after the
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Ordinarily, this corpuscular volume is expressed as percentage of the blood-mass,
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breath. Eectum jammed with fseces, and lumps can be felt
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The occipital sinuses are the smallest. They are in the attached
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a pill at night of pil. hydrarg. and extract, hyoscyami. Only a drop of
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per order as the average for the whole of the London Unions. It may be
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and consequently the only means by which the hemorrhage in the ex-
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This corroborates the statement usually made that a

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