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horse by Dr. Young, were found to correspond with those seen

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that is not a slave to what he is pleased to call " the unimaginative,

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Treatment, antiphlogistic, laxative, diuretic, tonic, locally steam, antisep-

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through nose and open mouth. Examination of mouth showed considerable

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adherence to the above or definite designations the bureau will be in

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involves the lower portion of the bowel or the rectum.

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medicine — the grandest science, the noblest art, and the most dignified

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who report such cases. ^ Of this group 21% were social

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amount of impure oil being used in the preparation of custards and

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him drinking. She sent him to see me, and first of all I had to

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tions to the pathology and etiology of chronic interstitial hepatitis. These

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the appearance of the first case Dr. Yale had thirty-three

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uncommon in yellow fever and in plague. They occur iu malignant endo-

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Signa. Keep a piece of lint saturated with the solution constantly applied

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buted as supplements to the British Medical Journal. The first by

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foothold in Alexandria, although, if the dispatches

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increase the doses we bring about an equal destruction of all the

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tion appeared upon his face, breast, arms, and legs, which lasted some

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in the wards of Dr. J. R. Hayden, and the following sim-

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house, and in proportion as any one idea absorbs the brain, in such propor-

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which they could 'not be taken without sacrilege. In

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employed, and the patient is subjected to no more hardship in the matter

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hymen, which had been successfully operated during the spring by a prom-

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remain indolent. Until data are available, however, the

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*Read before the American Orthopedic Association, at Boston, May 17th, 1898.

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is rendered inert (for the time being) and the milk does

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O.M. Lawson, George, 12, Harley Street, W. (S. 1871-3, C. 1874-6, V.P.

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