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rates were highest for 10- to 14-year-old males (31/

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bacillus, and (3) Rabinowitsch's bacillus. Guineapigs were

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rules of post-partum cleanliness. Quinine should be given

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as the treatment of peptic ulcer might be, it should be possible to

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and, if long continued, a brownish, olive, or bronze-like tint. The seat

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but no history of stomachic trouble can be obtained.

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'^■»co»HOoo^'^r^cooi'^'>0'>-— ^*oo^^— <

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toms and found only a thickening of the gallbladder and no stone.

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fears which exifl as to the probable mifchiefs which may

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nose. The use of a purely Greek word as antithetic to

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cresols with a little phenol and a certain proportion of higher homo-

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After the bowels have been relieved of fecal accumulations it is good

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of insolation, is not uniform. Cases of sudden death from exhaust

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observation. In one of them electricity was used, and the other

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markable experiments made by Dr. Richardson lend weight and

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this was his last attempt to return to his coffee habit. In his renewed state

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At 65, other changes which occur in the heart and arteries are

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At the meeting of the Board of Medical Registration and Ex-

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It is to this prolonged stay in the open air [Dauerluft-

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as usual. The patient was, however, obliged to go several

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there was also conjugate deviation of the eyes to the right,

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A quiet, ethical hospital with therapeutic facilities

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find or know of having been put into practice ; any one

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