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"Liver Spots," or Chloasma. — So-called "hver spots"

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interest, and are exciting so much attention, that we transfer to our pages from

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made the most determined progress under all sorts of remedies ;

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way through the basement membrane, instead of extending laterally in

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or something as nearly akin to it as he could concoct

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animals with trichinous flesh. His results correspond very closely

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arranging them must necessarily be more or less conventional. The classi-

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however, two points on which writers agree; the frequency of

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we may abstain from raising a theory of the proximate cause of gout on the

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45. Hemorrhage after delivery arrested by a neta methud. By Dr. Hecking,

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in putting it into an English dress, he has not quite laid aside

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the case, and showed it to be identical with the others here recorded.

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rience. He admits that the alcoholic treatment has been frequently

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sembling those of arsenic. [London and Edinburgh Philosophical

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about four inches and a half from the stomach. There was also

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fruitful of good, both must equally rest on accurate data collected

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cedure of bleeding is occasionally revived for the relief

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distinctive features of a tubercle, a typhoid ulcer, or a fibrous

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nervous centres (brain or spinal cord, or both), was met with in six

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public lectures, the Professors have resolved to admit, gratuitously, two such students

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interfere with the expansion of his chest, for he can never

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arrir^ la forme choleriqne/' At Sinope and Samsoon, on the south coast of the

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blood-vessels which enter abundantly into the continuous

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