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expression of muscular inflammation. As the condition increases in

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The seventh pair or facial are distributed to the muscles of the

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1. In consequence of proper regulation of the diet as to quality

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are apt to be inconclusive as to the functional competency of the kidneys.

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and colchicum, saline cathartics, especially those that contain sodium

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it was associated with a bicornuate, and once with a unicornuate uterus,

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servatory, equipped with a transit instrument and an

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mate purpose of such an institution is not merely to

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an introductory lecture delivered in 1827 he expressed

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through the ingestion of large quantities of food consists likewise in

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hypertrox)hic and atrophic paralysis, notwithstanding that these two

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tuting the so-called renal typhoid, or, later, during the height of the disease,

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milder cases the only neuritic symptoms; they are parsesthesia,

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not share with all other joint diseases the tendency to produce a reflex

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patient. The disease is caused by contagious germs which gain ad-

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it becomes frequent and may lose in quality with the progress of the

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One of the practical results of the study of the natural history of

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the fever stage the prescriptions given for the treatment of malarial

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sugar passes in a normal wa}' from the intestinal canal into the

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can testify, it is taken readily for months at a time by some, but by

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than ordinary i)erii)heral neuralgia. When the enteric plexuses are

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ally seen. If, however, we regard some of the anginas of obscure origin and

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The scapula, or shoulder blade, is a large, flat, triangular shaped

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material, chemical apparatus and supplies, and other

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cial manner predisposed to this disease. Wliether this is true of all

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ought to be continued until the health is well established.

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Clothing then has its most important use in retarding the cooling

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It is due to a functional disturbance of the digestive forces, hence

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After an attack of pleurisy a high temperature generally indicates

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