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by the follicular intestinal eruptions, and by consequent ulcera-

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disease; it is of consequence then, (and this conclusion may be

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We have to say of it, briefly and decidedly, that ii

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bearing upon the question of segmental value of certain of the cranial

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In the text he stated that the axone fibrils are not naked, but

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as is commonly believed ; an opinion whicli, if corroborated,

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a degree that there is inability to walk or stand, and generally by mental

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highly important with reference to the diagnosis, in the cases in w^iich

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foetus in utero, as an effect of physical injury, and also sponta-

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bloodlettinl,^ Vide Prize Essay by Prof. H. C. Wood, Jr.

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nexions around as far as can be done with ease, but none of the

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minute ring-shaped structures, which he believed to come into

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the thermometer' in the axilla, is less elevated than in most other acute

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