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Luschka says, in his classical work (on every page of which the prac-

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Finding that large doses of sodium gynocardate could be administered to animals

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A. For a man before he can fake his degree in medicine,

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(2) Case of Circinate Erythema ... ... ... ... ••• 60

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other pathofiemc protozoa. I'op. Sc. Month , N. Y., 189G-7,

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able, however, to conclude, and the conclusion is amply borne out

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it to be the duty of the Government to carry into effect any

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a number of years to my knowledge, and I do not think they would

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occurred in an elderly man with great acuteness and severity. He gradually

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Frederick John Bird, M.D. St. Andrew's, 13, Grosvenor-

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** This means of protection is excellent ; there is nothing peculiar in it ; just

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raise more money for the increasing expenses of the Govern-

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immediately follow. But, while full co-operation with the medical

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1892. — O wens (Bettie R.) Toilet vaporizing apparatus

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forms are meant the immature intermediate varieties, these were present

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therapy, which are rather supplementary one to the other.

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stercoraceous or fecal ; pain varying in degree, often very

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February 2, 1920 : Kadium repeated. Section shows endothelioma ;

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officers in the course of their official duties would have

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and frequently they are in a condition of fermentation as indicated by a froth

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Ruland (M. H. I.) Vijf gevallen van exbibiti(misme,

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the room and move his limb into any desirable posi-

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oomfort and safety of the many and not jxirmit the interests of the

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against an enemy of which nothing was known save that

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and the coat stands on end and loses its gloss. Some of the

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one, three qualities rarely seen combined in medical

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class will not respond to any mechanical treatment,

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