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length. In the centre of the administrative block is situated

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passages, and constitutes possibly the sole etiologicial

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treated, the exact condition found, and an opinion of

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But here again they failed. This final victory, however,

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ought to be maintained — but is not always — between irritatioTi

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pleafant feafon of the year, the guefts feated themfelves on fome

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Committee on Maternal Health — J. J. Swendson, M.D.,

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position affords them opportunities to put all their

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Another objection is based on the necessity of a valve at the inferior

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living beings, and that the life-processes common to them all.

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is reported by Leymarie was seized with such severe haemorrhage from the

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eye (tested with McHardy perimeter) was represented

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chloroform. Dr. Kussell agreed with most obstetricians, that the

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notice it has already received under the head of poisons, obtains here a

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the urine. We have already described its microscopic characters so fully

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tion of the plan will vary with the nature of the document to

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lege de France. Here he continued to work for many years, both

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States Army, has spent his hfe in ministering to him,

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stage of acute nephritis, practically unchanged in amyloid kidney, and

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sengers eight days after leaving the river Mersey, and which induced

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remain three days, then take another douche. Wait twenty-

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tradition and convenience require that they should be considered side by

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the descending limbs of the curve, and is measured mathematically by

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England, and as the previous papers are so few in number we may

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on to ])pr'omo purulent, one side of her chest being full of matter.

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this grand difference : in the first case the structure of the

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in the skin. The composition of this remedy is shown in the

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Morbid anatomy. The patches of sclerosis are irregularly distributed

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ber of cities maybe compared as follows: Chicago, 18!i2,

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