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upper lid could not close over the globe. Between three and
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a large quantity, as the whole, of a meal, and at dinner as a
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conditions of diet; and in the same animal the fat has not the same com-
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ley had been so situated, that he could have passed from the capital
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The fever is of septic type; the elevation in temperature is accompanied by
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equivalent. When a doctor is asked by a patient, "What shall
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ounces of urine collected ; high colored ; specific gravity 1027 ; no albumen.
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for a much longer period than is customary. I should not feel confident
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suggestion, and denied the possibility of any specific disease.
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as long as she could distinguish a word in the twilight. At 5 years of age her
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the di.sease, or gave other remedies an ojiportunity to
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enlargement of the lymphatic glands. Vesication, sloughing, and
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gland, while clinically, one often discovers that during
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renal capillaries. In a case reported by Da Costa, recovery within a short
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are due to this cause. The tubes and broad ligaments are more
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clothing, sedentary life, etc., which usually are con-
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could one tell by the rale alone whether the case was one of
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externally, but during the last month had grown inwards into the mouth, and
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" Here, we have a lot of cases, some of which, by symptoms and appearances
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artery as low as the authorities say ; it is not in tliat neigliborhood. It is
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he thinks that the two authors last named referred to entirely distinct dis-
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danger, however averse we may be to the use of instruments,
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When the complaint has reached this stage, it presents a much more
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of time at our disp(┬╗sal compels me to confine my remarks
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woman aged forty-one years. The cyst was remarkable
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on each side. Embryophores are oval, thick, and striated (39 by 30 fi).
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The event will, of course, call forth many homilies
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age of 3 years and who as a result of the school district

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