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and its clear space. The mass of protoplasm in the bud is at

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often formed into a miliary tubercle. The miliary tubercles are of the

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to liberal medicine hygiene and sanitary science. Atlanta Ga.

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toms and deformity not so marked under the use of the apparatus

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to society and to the patient than is syphilis. It is regarded

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both in man and in animals the streptococci present are few in number

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will need the constant vigilance of the medical attendant and

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quite bright and improving her time in removing the sordes from

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the peritonitis is sometimes the fijrst symptom and if no

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and lateral portions of the thorax. The proposition was well received

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crusts sordes. Ulcerative stomatitis may occur if the mouth be not

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mesentery in which the direction of the turn is given we have

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subsequent injection should be as far away from the previous

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method of inoculation practised in the Orient from ancient times came

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but of those special hepatic lesions which have no connection with

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times from colic for or years. About weeks before opera

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protoplasm around the nuclei. From the cells proceed prolongations

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who by his piety and contemplation had succeeded in ren

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The functions of accommodation and of convergence both

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s their forefathers had with predictable results Fig

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calcium index of the blood was that is to sav rather low.

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action. For this purpose strict maintenance of the horizontal posi

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the tonic spasm relaxes the movements become clonic or

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may be involved resulting in strabismus. Trismus may be present but is

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account of a case of placenta praevia followed by tetanus.

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Surgery. The section of Surgery is under the presidency of

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imitating the Roman colonies which M. Brunet has proposed

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remains in this an hour or longer all night if asleep.

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cluded iu the total of organic acids plus acid salts

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too much certainty the source of much human misery.

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On the Use of Phosphate of Ammonia in Gout a nd Rheumatism

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