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ley had been so situated, that he could have passed from the capital

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klin. Rund,schau, Wien, 1891, v, 1297; 1337.— Osier (VV.)

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91 Treatment of Chronic Non-Exudative Nephritis. J. B. McGee.

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16. Through these connexions, the corpus olivare seems to serve as an auxiliary ganglion

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sion, and of mechanical in-itation during the process of rei>air, a cer-

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Exostose. Ztschr. f. Wundarztl. u. Geburtsh., Hegnach,

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Merchant Company Schools there were few or no rules of quarantine

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every appearance of violent effort, before pronouncing the difficult con-

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adhesion. This is also true in marginal adhesions and pro-

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several forms of obstruction existed, under the doctrine of

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at a time while restraining the other two axes with fixed angles. The method transforms

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Injury to the lumbar region also causes paralysis of the legs, bladder,

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tonics, and alcoholit; stinmlants he bad 4,000,000 red corpuscles

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by the Department. These results, while not quite all

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Sting Dermatitis in a Rural West Virginia Community

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melasma and melanopathia, not as a substantive disease,

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minute, and opened, as it progressed, the richest of discoveries and

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The other manifestations are not characteristic. There may be

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all vital processes. They digest slowly, and are very

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According to Manson, who in 1877 found the larvae in the stomach of a

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throughout the caseous area by the elastic tissue, undisturbed in its

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recreational activity. For example, in this particular area of

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round tubercles, called from their size miliary, which accumulate in im-

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weeks. Fresh crops of rose spots, the character of the temperature range,

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to excite the disorder in some persons: oatmeal; almonds,

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in this world anyhow? What business have you got here? Have you

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dispose of an effusion of this sort. In the fifth case

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During the last few years I have successfully operated

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operation, and the very few on record that have recovered spon-

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