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therapy of diphtheria in human beings, and from what

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nerves, and painfully drag the periosteal linings of the alveolar

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ing anything whatever to the contents. After they are

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nerve was purely motor. Dr. Pearce referred to a case

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Eland Valley, and the towering heights which bound the Lyden-

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New York, it is destined to become a large and rich city.

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was read by Dr. Baehr, who outlined the work of their

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practice in this city about one year since. He has had 58 patients, to

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both this country and England and Wales, about 10% of cases

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Regarding these affections we possess numerous clinical, but only

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fected with fevers, wounds, or sores, being of a poisonous quality —

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Yet this is all the ante-partum consideration that some women

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gradually used up in the continued vegetative activities and by asexual

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is more curious than to observe the generic or common

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spasmodic laughing and crying. Softening of slow onset, due to cerebral

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mouth in albimiin-water. Chloroform may require to be adminis-

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edema may fail to make its appearance. This is, however, a rare

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the portion of the brain supplied by the latter was very much softened. Mitral

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Two years after — viz., in November, 1883 — I presented

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wearing arch supports, and these latter were discarded. She is now

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low fever cases in the West India Islands. When, therefore, the pa-

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eventful one as it relates to medicine and surgery. While a true and

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neither albumin nor other abnormal ingredients. Four

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face was puffy, especially so under the lower eyelids, without

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Briquet gives a list of some twelve fatal cases ; Charcot mentions that he

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