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the places where people resort for " health " in summer.

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practicable prior to ajipearance of cholera, and also during its continuance.

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N. Y. The milk, of good quality in every respect, was warmed to

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Serums shoul dbe used and when Bacte- is as follows : So long as wetting continues

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pigmented small parasite lies sometimes in what appears like a

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which they can be removed by expectoration. This physical

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behavior of the fundus tissues before a healthy eye is

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Kaempfer (1712). Amoenitatum Exoticarum Politico - Physico - Medico,

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munizing dose of antitoxin is from one to three hundred units, according

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tonville, and Wm. H. Whyte of Watertown, have been appointed members of

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nails less affected the surface will present small pits or depressions.

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invade other corpuscles to again go through the same

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Wiliard Parker, M.D. Pittsfield ; John H. Gushee, M.D. Raynham ;

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Fresh pork was used extensively during the winter, especially by the

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Rheumatism is a disease with numerous methods of treat-

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by Professor W. E. Stone, of Lafayette, Ind., Dr. Ernest E.

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yellow or red color, which is increased by exposure to the light.

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M. Fereol reports {Union Med., 1879, Nos. 27 and 28) the case of a cook,

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with the wisdom and goodness of the Creator — so leads from

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On motion of Prof. Newton, proceeded to the choice of officers

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■will be announced at the meeting of the society in Feb-

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more at one time. This urine is clear and devoid of

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fifty per cent, of all cases ; and as it may come, and go, and come again,

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goods indicated by the name, whether prepared by the original

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of that door together instead of running out the back door to

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notice ; that the notice was bad in substance ; and that not being in

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been well, but are subject to *a breaking out.' Ten

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Indeed neither of them requires any force : but the operation is so far useful,

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quiring for the treatment which has been ascertained the most suc-

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F. E. Luckett, M. D., Physician to the Philadelphia Hospital.

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