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overstrain and undue fatigue being carefully avoided. The maxim
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sodium acetate or milk of lime.- We believe it probable, therefore,
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had no appreciable effect on the cloud produced. The precipitates,
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mechanical or other stimulation of cardio-inhibitory fibers, in the
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tion in blastomycosis, and emphasizes the multiplicity of such foci.
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into glucose. Lusk, using phlorizinized dogs, established the glucose-
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dition, 4 cases; pericarditis, 2 cases; cerebral convulsions, 2 cases;
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backward and upward, pressing against the diaphragm or perfor-
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Pelletier : Journal de Medecine, de Chirurgie et de Pharniacie, lxiii., p. 496.
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Mobius I32 mentions one case published by Dubrueil in which the
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sion will be diminished. It is then muffled and not accentuated, and
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one hundred foci being counted, all are in the medullary substance or in the
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level of the decussatio pyramidum. and contains in the dorsal funiculus the
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auricular node is dominant for the whole heart. In this figure complete dis-
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threatening angina. Stokes tells of a patient who was accustomed
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metrically gave the same cloud in the instrument as serum protein
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same valves or by implication of new valves. In other cases the dis-
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ease can only be calculated approximately, because we can never be sure
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longed for several days exhaustion and emaciation occur as a natural
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were slow and the proliferation of fibrous tissue abundant, there would
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1. Those who associated with pellagrins outside of the family.
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Willett: St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports, London, 1894.
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the treatment in a case in which a temporary improvement had pre-
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Fig. 10 (Cd. Family). — The Cd. family lived next door to a pellagrin. Mr.
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increase in size? Dunbar defends this view when the stenosis is
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neurasthenia leaves no permanent impression, as patients recover
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problem would afford an opportunity for the systematic comparison of
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itself becomes incompetent to overcome the obstacles in its way, part
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1907. The other colored female, Pellagrin 1212, had her first attack
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Anatomie, 1875, LXIV., p. 145) in the abdomen of a patient who
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medicinal treatment, treatment by electricity, and surgical treatment.
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belong to disease of the heart. Most of these symptoms, to wit,
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lies horizontally, the chin is brought in contact with the chest, the
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This case illustrates the difficulties of diagnosis which may occa-
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that bacilli having the morphological and cultural characteristics of
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which tends to make it progressively dilate. The coagula may so
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compared to equivalent amounts of bread. Finally, various proprietary
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through a fluted paper. This gave a nearly clear solution containing
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(c) Organic disease of the peripheric nerves; degeneration of
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detailed quantitative study of the action of sodium chlorid itself was
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consider the number of foci in a single tissue, which often attain a
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is least frequently affected. Hereditary syphilis almost never attacks
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festations of angina pectoris. The first note of the obstruction to the
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it belongs especially to the type which they called melancholic, whose
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those who live not wisely but too well. So also in hysteria. In
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Case 6. — M. H., an American woman, 35 years old, married, was admitted
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with such rapidity so long without destroying itself. And in fact,
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and capillaries of simple angioma, there are connected with the vessels
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